It's Easy Being Green!

The Flying Moose colors may be Brown and White, but in our hearts we're really GREEN. Since 1921 the whole camp experience has been about living in, and in harmony with, the woods and wilderness and the whole environment. The most obvious example is that at camp we have no electricity — we are "off the grid!"

At Flying Moose, we make it our daily practice to separate, reuse, recycle and refigure our waste and our supplies. For instance, we save our food scraps in camp, and deliver them to a local farm, where we "sponsor" the farm's pig population. When trips return on Friday, there is a recycling system set up for them to sort their trash from the recyclables.

On trips, we camp by the LEAVE NO TRACE guidelines. We never leave a messy campsite, build only small fires, walk on the trails — not on fragile ecosystems, carry out what we carry in, never cut green trees, and keep a low profile.

For many summers we have had our own "Arbor Day" at camp when we transplant trees from over-crowded growth areas to where trees are needed. We subtly teach wood lot management and forest care.

We try hard to not waste resources. If one looks closely at our campus building and structures, you will find many recycled boards, nails and other not-yet-worn-out building materials. A closer look at our fleet of wood/canvas canoes will demonstrate just how many times many of them have been patched, rebuilt and recovered over the years — a point of pride and of memories.

Parents tell us that their sons return from FML with more confidence and maturity, and with a greater appreciation for a more sustainable way of life. Help your son develop this by enrolling him this summer.