Camp Directors

Chris and Shelly Price

The Price Family

FML has been owned, operated and directed by the Price family since 1940. Christopher and Shelly Price have been the directors since 1994. Chris has been at Flying Moose since 1949, as the son of the director (Harrie III), a camper, counselor, cook and assistant director to his brother (Harrie IV). Shelly, A Maine native, has been part of Flying Moose since 1991. Chris and Shelly are maintaining the Flying Moose tradition while adding new trips and ideas to the camp program. They also happen to have twin boys, Amos and Eli, who now participate as campers.

Assistant Directors

John Martin and Rufus

John Martin

John Martin has been helping to run FML since 1993. In the off-season, he's finishing up a PhD in Education at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where he is specializing in experiential and informal learning using technology. He is very interested in the learning that takes place in video games, and develops mobile video games that help connect learners with their communities and environments.

Noah Peet and Addie Price Peet

Addie is Chris' thirty-something daughter who spent many summers of her youth at FML as the Director's daughter. She attended a girls' camp for many summers but returned to Flying Moose to work in the kitchen as the first ever female cook. After that summer she returned in 2003 as one of the Assistant Directors (another first for a female) focusing on the in-camp program and the organization and packing of the trip food.

Addie and Noah

Noah Peet was discovered by Addie while they were in college.  She encouraged him to become a counselor one summer and he has returned for many now as one of our Assistant Directors.  Noah also focuses on the in-camp weekend program, is a jack-of-all-trades at camp when it comes to fixing things and making repairs to the many buildings and other structures, and he drives many miles for trip drop-offs and pick-ups.

Noah and Addie were married in 2006. They have a very happy Golden Retriever, Millie (in photo), and adopted another lucky dog, Dobsie.


David Crane has been associated with Flying Moose Lodge since he was 8 years old. First as a camper, then returning as a counselor and assistant director over the years. He is responsible in camp for editing our weekly newspaper, The Flying Moose, and being the Master of Ceremonies at Opera Night, among other roles. David is passionate about Flying Moose, and his enthusiasm never diminishes.