Evening Campfires

Every evening at 7:30, after supper and following about an hour of free time, we hold campfire in the old log cabin lodge. The Coleman lanterns are lit and we gather to sing Flying Moose songs — some written as long ago as 1921, and others more recently. The guitars, banjo, piano, and other instruments assist. Even those of us who "can't carry a tune in a bucket" (and sometimes that's most of us) sing! When our lungs are good and tired, we relax to the reading of a good story — sometimes adventures, sometimes mysteries, and sometimes humorous shorts. When we reach the right time to stop, we say "good night" and it's off to the shelters for a restful Northwoods sleep.

Bring your instrument!

On Saturday night we hear excerpts from The FLYING MOOSE, our very own publication (since 1921). This newspaper, written by campers and staff, reports on all the trips taken the previous week, as well as news from around base camp. Most of the writing is terribly biased with a sliver or two of facts thrown in to keep the readership guessing. Tallies of the season's Brown and White game scores are also mentioned, as are inspection results, and some regular weekly columns and announcements. The FLYING MOOSE has respectable base camp circulation numbers, and campers can send a copy home to parents, grandparents, or friends. Our archival department has a copy of each issue since 1922. Many old camper return to reread what they did on what trip "back in the day".

On Monday nights, the Lodge Porch is transformed into a stage and at 7:30pm on the dot, the curtains are drawn and Opera begins. Each trip performs an original skit for the rest of the camp. These 5-10 minute productions lean towards the absurd and usually keep the audience in stitches for the evening. Awards are given weekly to the best two groups and at the end of the summer "Harrie Awards" are given to the Best Actor, "Actress", best supporting roles, best special effects, best impersonation, best original song, and many more. The Oscar Ceremony is based on our little award night!

Ring out the good ol' song with us!