What NOT to bring

Flying Moose Lodge is a woods camp, a trip camp, and a wilderness camp. There are certain things you will need to bring to camp (see the packing list and summer info).

Because we're in the woods and somewhat isolated from the hustle and bustle of the "outside" world we believe the electronics we're used to at home and school can be left at home. We want you to enjoy being surrounded by nature without these items.

Please do not bring:

  1. mobile phones or tablets
  2. video game systems
  3. portable music players
  4. televisions or radios
  5. computers
  6. basically, anything electric beyond a flashlight or headlamp

However, if you're flying to camp or flying home from camp and would like to use a mobile device on the plane you can, but we'll keep it safe for you while you're at camp.

You will find while out on the trail that the noise of other camp groups or families will distract you from the stillness and wonders of the surroundings. You will also see people walking around with  headphones on, missing the beauty of the world around him — and you'll be glad it isn't you! Don't forget to bring yourself!