A Woods Camp for Boys

The lodge, built in the late 1800s

We are located in East Orland, Maine on the shores of spring-fed Craig Pond, half way between Bangor and Bar Harbor. Flying Moose is a small boys' camp with a deep-woods trip program. Since 1921, hundreds of boys between the ages of 9 and 15 have found at Flying Moose the fun, relaxation, challenge, and companionship that spells the difference between just another summer and a long-remembered adventure. 

Our Program at a Glance

Beautiful and sturdy camp-built wood-canvas canoes are used on many trips

The art and pragmatics of teaching the fundamentals of true deep woods camping and bringing boys back to the awe and beauty of the outdoors is the clear vision of Flying Moose Lodge. Boys learn to love camping and we at Flying Moose do our best to provide boys with the right tools and the right leadership to prepare them for more adventurous camping in the years to come.

An Ideal Setting

Whether the boys enjoy swimming in it, canoeing, sailing, rowing on it, fishing it, or just listening to the call of the loon, they learn that Craig Pond has been the center of Flying Moose Lodge life since the very beginning.

Diving into a spring-fed lake

For the beginning swimmer, the beach beside the Lodge slopes gradually away from the shore to make a safe and comfortable place to learn new strokes and safety measures. The deeper waters at the swim float challenge the diver and the more expert swimmer. Craig Pond's size and the summer breezes that cross it provide a perfect setting for those who wish to learn or practice their sailing techniques.

Craig Pond doubles as a classroom where campers learn canoeing skills, which are soon used on trips. Counselors help develop proficiency through practice, games, contests, and familiarizing boys with canoes. Each lesson becomes an important part of their summer.

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