The Camping Experience

Paddling the Moose river on a 10-day whitewater trip

In addition to actually living in the woods of Maine, our camping program provides boys with an opportunity to explore and camp in various wilderness settings in Maine. Maine offers unique landscapes that people from all over the world visit to enjoy. We take boys into the most beautiful and the most adventurous regions available. But to get there, they need to be here!

Just up the coast Acadia National Park is known for its fantastic views and hiking trails. The mountains meet the sea at the park, and campers are truly rewarded for their efforts when they reach the peaks — vistas of Somes Sound, Sand Beach, harbors and the Atlantic Ocean are "totally awesome" — to quote more than a few campers.

Campsite cooking

Every boy has opportunities to climb mountains during his summer at Flying Moose. For beginners, closer mountains and easier climbs, like those offered at Acadia, are best. As hiking skills develop over the summer, more distant climbs are there to tempt, challenge, and conquer. 

For more experienced campers, Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin provide a wilder setting. The climax of many a boy's summer is the conquest of Mt. Katahdin, Maine's highest peak. Unspoiled by casual tourists, this mountain and the surrounding area provide many different types of climbing. We send extended backpacking trips there and on parts of the Appalachian Trail. In the photo above, you see our most experienced young men on one of our two-week canoe trips, on the Allagash waterway that Thoreau made famous, the St. Croix that borders Canada and Maine, or the wild Moose river.